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Artist Kruella D’Enfer has developed a new work. This special piece combines Antarte's know-how in furniture design and Kruella's expertise in illustration.


This is a piece of furniture that stands out for its multifunctionality: it can be whatever the customer wants, from a china cabinet to a bar piece of furniture, or support furniture, for example. Made in walnut and lacquered, the doors are stamped with Kruella's illustration - “Para Além do Tejo”.

The artist’s inspiration in the Alentejo is highlighted, a place that “brings her a lot of peace”. And, for this reason, he highlights the white stork and the Iberian lynx, “the shades of the sky, the valleys and the vegetation”. Kruella D’Enfer wants to draw “attention to the preservation of Nature”, her source of inspiration par excellence.

If you could choose where to see this piece exposed, it would be in a peaceful, quiet, peaceful place, “like a living room”. “In a city environment it can be a great refuge from the hectic life, in a rural environment it can be a continuity and a connection from the outside to the inside”, says the artist, highlighting the versatility of this piece developed in partnership with Antarte. The production of this furniture is limited to 20 units!



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