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5 home decor trends for warm and bright days

The arrival of warm and bright days is the ideal time to breathe new life into the atmosphere of your home. Choosing new furniture and decoration in line with the latest trends will completely transform the atmosphere of the various spaces. Follow our tips and get inspired to give your home a new look that reflects your lifestyle.


The home is the most personal space in our lives and an extension of the lifestyle of those who live there. The selection of the various elements that fill it, from furniture to decoration and aromatization, plays an important role in the sensations of style and comfort it conveys.


Defining the style of furniture that suits you best is essential. It should be the first step in a redecoration project and be in line with your lifestyle. Check out a set of suggestions to give your home a charming personality.



Contemporary style: renewed modernity

Contemporary style is definitely in vogue and furniture from the Dallas collection is the ideal option: a sublime interpretation of renewed modernity. They are the right option for those who have an urban lifestyle, where elegant functionality must prevail in any space in the house.


The pieces in this collection of furniture for the dining room, living room, bedrooms and entrance furniture have clean and functional design silhouettes. The dining table, TV cabinet and sideboard in this collection are some of the exponents of a design that favors fluid lines and well-balanced proportions. The same goes for coffee and side tables.


This lightness of design is also reflected in more secondary furniture such as the china cabinet or shoe rack. The bed from the Dallas collection conveys sensations of comfort in every detail.


Sala de Jantar Dallas Sala de Estar Dallas



Minimalism: the appeal of relaxation

The elemental shapes and soft Scandinavian-inspired tones have gained more and more followers. Taking into account the current pace of life, which, especially in urban centers, is busier, finding a home that conveys an atmosphere of relaxation is a gift.


If you idealize a lifestyle that fits with spaces where you want to enjoy feelings of balance and well-being, minimalism is ideal. Antarte's Oslo and Malmo collections are two exponents of Scandinavian-inspired furniture.


In these collections, one of the highlighted elements are sustainable materials with soft tones such as natural oak or rattan, which will enhance the luminosity and balance of the spaces.


Clean lines are another constant denominator and are perfectly reflected in furniture such as bookshelves, shelves or storage modules. Living areas also become a must to enjoy with armchairs and armchairs where ergonomics and comfort take precedence over purely aesthetic aspects.


Sala de Estar Oslo Estante e Cadeirão Oslo



Mediterranean Charm: timeless glamor

The Mediterranean-inspired house continues to be a dream for those who have larger homes, such as villas or apartments with significant areas. The warm tones and timelessly stylish furniture have an undeniable appeal.


Does the glamor emanating from the French Riviera captivate you? Then discover the proposals from the Cannes and Monaco collections.


The charm of slatted textures and metal details are predominant in Cannes furniture, a complete collection for the dining room, living room, bedrooms, entrance furniture and office furniture.


Sala de Jantar Cannes Quarto Cannes


The Monaco collection lives up to the refined style of the principality with pieces of furniture materialized in curvilinear shapes and noble materials such as rosewood with lacquered details.


Do you have a house with a large living area? The Mediterranean style sofas from both collections will certainly be the right choice for enjoying spaces that invite you to live. Choose the option that optimizes the feeling of spaciousness between corner sofas, chaise longue sofas and 3-seater sofas. Reinforce the sensations of relaxation with some puffs.


Aparador Mónaco Sala de Estar Mónaco



Bring sustainability into interiors

Another tip to keep in mind is to add pieces that make a sustainability statement. Natural elements, both in shapes and materials, will give your home a renewed aura.


The Tronco da Antarte collection brings together a set of coffee tables, side tables and bedside tables made from cryptomeria wood from sustainable forests in the Azores. The natural design of these pieces will never go unnoticed in living spaces or bedrooms.


Mesas Tronco Mesas Tronco



Aromatize with natural fragrances

It is imperative to have an interior space with personality reinforced by aromatization. The sense of smell is one of the most refined senses and a well-chosen home fragrance is the icing on the cake for an inviting atmosphere. Antarte fragrances are available in a stick diffuser or aromatic candle, in a palette of aromas such as sandalwood, bergamot or lavender from Provence.


Antarte Home Fragrance Antarte Home Fragrance



When visiting one of the Antarte stores, teams of interior designers are waiting for you with additional tips. Get inspired and renew the atmosphere in your home for the warmer seasons!




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