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Sofa Beds

They are a precious resource for a sporadic stay at home. In exclusive fabrics or eco-leather, the sofa beds merge with timeless design to build pieces of unquestionable comfort.

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Really comfortable sofa beds

Enjoy the best of both worlds with sofa beds. During the day, enjoy a cozy couch to relax and socialize. At night, easily transform it into a comfortable bed for a good night's sleep. With smooth opening mechanisms and high quality mattress systems, the sofa beds offer comfort and convenience without compromising the style of your living room. Providing your guests with a comfortable and convenient hosting experience has never been easier.

Sofa Bed: Double, Single, 2, 3 and 4 Seats

We have a varied offer for different sizes of sofa beds. Look for the best sofa bed for your space and needs. Combine practicality, comfort and space in a single sofa.

Sofa Bed: Comfort for everyday life and for guests

Experience the comfort and versatility of sofa beds in your day to day life. In addition to being ideal for receiving visitors, they are also perfect for moments of relaxation. With soft upholstery and high-quality mattresses, these sofas provide the support you need for good posture and peaceful rest. Whether watching a movie, reading a book or accommodating a guest, the sofa beds offer incomparable comfort in all situations.

Sofas Bed: Practicality and extra space for your home.

If you have a compact space, sofa beds are the perfect solution. As well as providing a comfortable seat, they quickly transform into a bed when needed, offering a practical solution to a lack of space. With different sizes and models available, you can find the perfect sofa bed to suit your needs. Make the most of your environment, optimizing the available space and enjoying the comfort and versatility that the sofa bed has to offer.



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