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Presidential Train: dream trip with glamour by Antarte

The crown jewel of the national railway is a symbol of charm and now has the Restaurant and Living Room by Antarte carriages.


The experience aboard the Presidential Train on the luxurious journeys between Porto and the wine-producing Alto Douro is like traveling in a time capsule through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal.


Built in 1890 and restored in 2010, the Presidential Train is a Portuguese railway jewel that transported Presidents, Heads of State, Kings and Popes for almost a century. He served the court of King D. Luís I, receiving on board honored guests such as Queen Isabel II and Pope Paul VI. It was renamed the “Presidential Train” at the beginning of the century and transported Portuguese heads of state until 1970, when it was officially withdrawn from circulation.


Custom Antarte parts in the Portuguese railway “jewel in the crown”
The Presidential Train returned to action with the charm that made it iconic. The six luxurious carriages that make it up are a feeling of royalty. Antarte accepted the invitation to touch up the decoration of the Restaurant and Living Room carriages, taking as inspiration the period furniture and decoration that takes us to an atmosphere of glamour.


The Sala de Estar by Antarte carriage was designed to provide “head of state” comfort to passengers. In terms of seating, the option fell on elegant armchairs with a timeless design instead of sofas as a way of providing greater immersion in the face of the normal fluctuations of a railway journey. In the fabric covering the armchairs, Antarte opted for an art deco style concept with the two shades of the national flag and gold. No detail was left to chance: the top of the backrest of the armchairs is embroidered with the period monogram of CP and Antarte. Each armchair has side tables and coffee tables in golden tones, which combine perfectly with the wood and chrome that line the interior of the carriage. The tree hanger, an iconic piece of the brand, completes the luxurious environment where there is no lack of aromatization.



One of the highlights of the Presidential Train's journey is the exclusive gastronomic experience enjoyed on board. Hence, the concept adopted for the Restaurante by Antarte carriages is at a premium level. With priority given to comfort, the armchairs have a covering in similar tones to the armchairs in the Living Room, which gives them an undeniably elegant and period look. The dining tables for four passengers were lacquered in a discreet tone and are spacious to provide generous space for moments of tasting the delicacies. Antarte thus joins other prestigious national brands such as Vista Alegre, which supplies the crockery on which meals will be served. All combined, refinement is the dominant note on a dream trip.



Mário Rocha, founder and CEO of Antarte, considers “the invitation for Antarte to decorate the Living Room and Restaurant carriages of an icon of elegance and refinement such as the Presidential Train was irrefutable. It is the perfect corollary to another memorable year in which the brand celebrates a quarter of a century. Antarte has timeless design in the DNA of its furniture creations and “The Presidential” allowed us to fully express this distinctive characteristic of ours.”





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