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Rei dos Leitões x Antarte

Antarte redecorated the room of the award-winning restaurant


Antarte redecorated one of the most prestigious gastronomic spaces in Portugal. The multi-award winning Rei dos Leitões restaurant in Mealhada has a room decorated with Antarte's timeless design furniture.


Visitors to the space will be able to enjoy the immense delicacies available in an atmosphere of renewed refinement and elegance where even personalized armchairs are available.



The opening event took place on a magnificent summer afternoon and began with a glamorous sunset with live music and full of public figures and guests from Antarte and Rei dos Leitões.



The television presenter Jorge Gabriel started the official opening of the room “Rei dos Leitões x Antarte” followed by an intervention by the President of the Regional Entidade do Turismo do Centro, Pedro Machado, who unveiled the plaque marking the event in the presence of the owner of the restaurant, Licínia Ferreira and the founder and CEO of Antarte, Mário Rocha.



This was followed by a dinner where the guests were unanimous in recognizing the elegance and comfort of the redecorated room, a sign of the success of the partnership between Antarte and Rei dos Leitões.




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