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Antarte, a European furniture brand with timeless design, opens its doors in Dubai

Mário Rocha, CEO of Antarte, is present at the official opening of the first store in the Middle East


Antarte, a Portuguese furniture and timeless decoration brand, arrives on the Middle East market with the opening of a flagship store in Dubai.


The new Antarte Dubai Store located in the Arif & Bintoak Building – Showroom 1, officially opened on June 20th. The complete range of Antarte's savoir-faire - furniture for the dining room, living room, bedroom, hall and office, lighting, decoration and paintings - is now brought together in a single space measuring 500 square meters.


Antarte Dubai Store Antarte Dubai Store Antarte Dubai Store


Antarte has been present in Europe's most vibrant cities since 2002, and has always shared a close affinity with places that combine respect for timeless design with modernity. The new Antarte Dubai Store evokes elegance, sophistication and craftsmanship.


As a European furniture brand with timeless design present on three continents, one of Antarte's distinctive features is naming its furniture collections after cities with a referential lifestyle. Tokyo, Paris, London, Monaco, Venice, Cannes, are some examples of the inspiration on which Antarte draws to establish a dialogue between timeless design and the creation of trends in home decor.


Antarte furniture harmoniously blends sustainable raw materials with the best European manufacturing.


At the official opening event, Antarte welcomed some special guests from Dubai. They include radio host Kris Fade and wife Brianna Fade, cast members of the hit show “Dubai Bling”; interior designers Nisrine Lababidi, Vafa Mir, Afaf Labidi, architect Marwa Elsallab and sustainability influencer Sana Mastan, among other real estate personalities in the Emirates.


Antarte Dubai Store Antarte Dubai Store


For Mário Rocha, founder and CEO of Antarte, “the opening of the brand's first store in the Middle East, one of the most prominent luxury goods markets, is the latest expression of Antarte's shift towards a luxury positioning”.


Antarte Dubai Store Antarte Dubai Store




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