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Antarte, is a pioneer in Augmented Reality among Portuguese furniture brands

The brand founded and led by Mário Rocha, offers customers a unique experience to see in real time, the framing of furniture in any space of the house.


Antarte once again leads innovation in the furniture sector by providing augmented reality (AR) to all customers.


The process is simple and quick: it is only necessary to access the brand's website with the mobile phone, select the desired piece of furniture, click on the option 'see in your space', direct the mobile phone to the space where the piece of furniture is to be placed , and get a simulation of how it will be framed.


A process that allows, in real time, to get an idea of the final result. Furniture purchase decisions are rarely impulse buys. The acquisition process can be time consuming and raises indecisions in any customer.
The augmented reality provided by Antarte meets this need to provide customers with a real-time idea of how the decor they are choosing will look in their homes.


In this way, the decision process can be shortened, opt for the ideal decor and avoid choices that may not be completely to the customer's liking and involve a sometimes large purchase amount.


At the moment, Antarte already offers augmented reality in all pieces from the Oslo, Cannes, Mónaco and Londres collections and in some of the brand's iconic pieces. Soon, this option will be available in all products.


For Mário Rocha, CEO of Antarte, «it is in times of adverse circumstances that brands reveal their dynamism, boldness and strategic vision. Completing 25 years of existence, Antarte has market maturity to innovate and position itself at the forefront among the players in the sector.”




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