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Center Tables

Center tables are icons of modern design, capable of turning your living room into a personalized space. The most exclusive materials are combined with geometries that are well proportioned and calibrated to each other.

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Center Tables: Style and Practicality for your Living Room

Coffee tables are fundamental pieces in living room decor, providing style, functionality and a central point of support. When choosing the ideal center table, take the following aspects into consideration:

  1. Size and proportion: Select a center table that is proportionate to the size of your living room. Consider the available area and the arrangement of furniture around it. Make sure the table is not too big or too small in relation to the space.
  2. Style and design: Choose a center table that is in harmony with the overall style of your living room. You can choose a modern, contemporary, classic or rustic center table, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Pay attention to materials, finishes and details to ensure they match the rest of the furniture.
  3. Material and durability: Consider the material of the coffee table and its durability. Center tables can be made of wood, glass, metal, marble, among other materials. Choose a durable material that suits your lifestyle and needs.
  4. Functionality: In addition to being a decorative element, the center table must also be functional. Consider additional features, such as shelves, drawers, or lifting surfaces, that provide extra storage space or allow for different uses of the table.
  5. Shape: Center tables are available in different shapes, such as rectangular, square, round or oval. Choose a format that suits the space and furniture arrangement. A rounded shape can be a safe option to avoid sharp corners.
  6. Combination with other furniture: Consider how the center table will combine with the other furniture in the living room. Think about the color, texture and style of the table, and how it will relate to the sofa, chairs, bookshelves and other decorative elements.
  7. Decorative accessories: A center table can be decorated with accessories such as flower vases, decorative trays, books or candles. Think about how these elements can complement the table's aesthetic and add personality to your living room.

By considering these aspects when choosing the ideal center table, you will have a functional, stylish and harmonious piece that will complement the decor of your living room, as well as offering a convenient space to place objects, drinks and enjoy moments socializing with friends and family.

Modern Center Tables: Elegance and Innovation for your Living Room

Modern center tables are standout pieces in living room decor, combining elegance, style and innovation. If you're looking to add a contemporary touch to your space, here are some features of modern center tables:

  1. Minimalist design: Modern center tables are known for their minimalist and clean design, with straight lines and geometric shapes. They avoid excessive ornamentation, providing a sophisticated and simplified aesthetic.
  2. Contemporary materials: These tables are often made from contemporary materials such as tempered glass, metal and wood with modern finishes. This choice of materials adds a touch of modernity and durability to the pieces.
  3. Innovative shapes: Modern center tables feature creative and innovative shapes, such as asymmetrical models, surface overlaps and combinations of different materials. These features make these tables true pieces of art and a highlight in the living room.
  4. Smart Functionality: In addition to their aesthetic appeal, modern center tables are designed with smart functionalities. They can offer built-in storage space, adjustable shelves, expandable surfaces or hidden compartments to maximize organization and space utilization.
  5. Sophisticated details: Modern center tables are carefully designed, paying attention to sophisticated details. Chrome finishes, elegant handles and different textures are just some of the elements that add a touch of luxury and refinement to the pieces.
  6. Integrated lighting: Some modern center tables feature built-in lighting, such as LED lights, which add a luminous effect and contemporary atmosphere to the room. This indirect lighting creates a cozy atmosphere and highlights the beauty of the center table.
  7. Contemporary colors: Modern center tables are available in a variety of contemporary and neutral colors such as white, black, gray and metallic tones. This wide range of options allows you to choose a color that harmonizes perfectly with your existing decor.

When choosing a modern center table, take into account the style of your living room, the available space, the desired features and the combination with other furniture.



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