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The Antarte shop in Coimbra, now has more space and more offer, increasing the number of collections on display and enabling the customer to buy in a more informed and conscious way.


On March 31st, the Antarte shop in Coimbra received clients, guests, local entities and some influencers in a glamorous inauguration. This moment served to make known to all this new remodeled and expanded space.

Located in Avenida Dr. Armando Gonçalves,
for more or less a decade, and having also passed through a commercial space in another area of the city, before settling in Celas, Antarte now expands to the shop next door and presents a larger and improved space, meeting the expectations of customers, who lamented, in the old shop, the fact that many of the products they sought were not physically exposed.

Throughout the two floors of this new space, wider, eclectic and meticulously organised, the customer can now see in detail and in loco all the Antarte collections, including office and bedroom furniture, areas which were not present in the shop before. You can also find several living room and dining room pieces, having even more physical contact with the products and being able to make a more informed and conscious choice.

In the process of choosing and buying, the customer continues to have the essential help of a team of professionals who guarantee a personalised and dedicated service.

In addition to furniture, Antarte also focuses on decorative items such as paintings, lamps and rugs, the latter being also produced in Portugal and custom-made.



Sara Rocha, commercial director of Antarte, highlights the importance of the Coimbra market for Antarte 'not only because it is a city of students where there is a constant exchange of houses and demand for furniture but also because it is a city that is growing'. Thus, the privileged location of the Antarte Coimbra shop attracts customers not only from Coimbra but also from Leiria, Aveiro and Viseu, in a wide area of influence.


For Mário Rocha, CEO and founder of Antarte furniture 'The opening of the new point of sale in Coimbra shows the bet on strengthening the presence of the brand in the central area of the country and in a shop concept that provides a shopping experience where the latest trends in home decor and customization are the dominant note.'.


This family company, founded 25 years ago in Rebordosa, Paredes, advocates the slogan 'design for life', standing out in the market for the fact that its pieces are 'designed for life', i.e., with the intention that a particular piece of furniture purchased today will continue to be current and functional 'in 50 years time', with its durability being a differentiating factor and 'very important for customers'.




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