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Antarte was founded in 2000 as a company dedicated to antiques and art, namely the restoration of antique pieces and the sale of classically styled furniture. These two areas gave rise to the brand name, Antarte, which is a merger of ‘antique’ and ‘art’ (antiguidade and arte in Portuguese).

Since then, the brand has ploughed a singular course in the furniture and decoration sector, following a new direction in line with the demands of the market and the respective customers, who sought modern products of the quality that Antarte supplied. The brand has matured to become a trademark that is a synonym of character, prestige and status in the market.


Antarte is a leading furniture and decoration brand in Portugal. With around 150,000 customers and a chain of eight stores throughout the country, Antarte is known for its innovative and elegant product lines to suit all tastes and needs.

Possessing its own factory in northern Portugal, the brand exports its products to numerous international markets including France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and USA, and has its own shops in South Africa (one store), Angola (two stores), Ghana, and more recently in Morocco, as part of its expansion strategy.


Thanks to its renown and standing, Antarte was invited to produce two exclusive chairs in 2012 – one for the Real Madrid coach, José Mourinho, and another for the Portuguese President, Aníbal Cavaco Silva – after it had designed and produced the chair used by Pope Benedict XVI upon his visit to Portugal in 2008.


Winner of the furniture and decoration sector’s 5-Star Award in 2019, for the second year in a row,  Antarte is a well-trusted and highly renowned brand, thanks to its positioning based on innovation and design. With a portfolio of over 1500 products, the brand has a team of professional designers, which, every season, presents new articles inspired by international trends, often contracting prestigious architects to design special items.


As well as their elegance and comfort, the products are recognised for their quality and endurance thanks to the use of the finest raw materials. The company is committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and providing post-sale assistance.


The brand has also implemented and maintained a social responsibility policy over the years, namely with needy families and underprivileged children’s charities. The tree coat-hanger, one of Antarte’s most famous pieces, was reinvented as a charitable design item, in several colours, each one representing one of the following six institutions: the Projecto Joãozinho, in São Tomé and Príncipe, Casa do Gil, Pro Dignitate, Bagos D’Ouro, Mira-Sintra Education Centre for the Handicapped, the Child Support Institute and the Portuguese Association for Missing Children.