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7 decoration trends for 2024

Get inspired by the interior decoration trends that will mark next year.


Antarte reveals how the creation of welcoming spaces to be lived in will mark the agenda of the coming year. Prepare your home with styles marked by functionality and captivating aesthetics.


The arrival of a new year is time to think about goals and projects. Renovating the decor of the home's interior, from the dining room to the living room and bedrooms, is one of the priorities, now that home decor is evolving at a pace never seen before. The year 2024 will bring new trends to make each space an even more captivating environment. Decoration trends will go beyond aesthetic appeal. Sustainability and functionality will be priorities.


The biggest interior decoration trends for 2024
Minimalist Sustainability will be important. Consumers are increasingly aware and predisposed to reduce the environmental impact of their choices, selecting the furniture they bring home. Sustainable raw materials are a key factor when purchasing, as is a neutral color palette, with earthy tones to create spaces that convey feelings of tranquility.



The popularity of simple, elementary design continues to grow. The style known as Japandi fuses Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian design. Combining Nordic simplicity and functionality with the Japanese Zen look results in atmospheres where essential design furniture predominates, materialized in neutral colors and where wood in lighter tones dominates. Balanced proportions and volumes are another of the most evident aspects of this style of decoration.


Eclectic Contemporary
This trend merges styles and planned cultural matrices. At a time when a home is an extension of the personality of whoever lives in it, this trend adds contemporary elements with a retro touch. Vintage style furniture coexists harmoniously with contemporary design pieces.


Natural Textures
Textures and materials such as wood, stone and natural fibers will remain highlighted as elements that create environments of serenity and well-being. Earth tones and the use of organic elements such as rattan will become increasingly common. The use of these materials and textures increases the feeling of coziness at home. The same applies to upholstered pieces such as sofas, armchairs and armchairs, where feelings of comfort are essential.


Maximalist silhouettes
Prints and patterns will give way to sharp and simplified silhouettes. Less is more and the result will be pieces of furniture and decoration with a strong personality that stand out due to their balanced proportions and ability to shape the soul of the spaces in which they are located.


The color of the year: apricot passion
The color of 2024 will be an apricot passion. It will be a mandatory selection to spread around your home. It is a soft orange tone that harmonizes perfectly with neutral tones. It can be combined with numerous decorative objects and is suitable for application on fabrics, glass, ceramics and bed and bath items.



Office: an elegant space
The home office will continue to be in vogue in 2024. The office has gained its own space at home and will increasingly be in the spotlight. Investing in the functionality of the pieces that make it up is essential, but without neglecting good taste, especially when choosing desks, chairs and shelves, which must have careful materials and finishes.



Want to know more details about decoration trends for 2024? At Antarte stores, you will find a team of interior designers available to help you choose the styles that best suit your preferences. Next year promises a journey of decorating in style with Antarte's design for life.




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